Have you been loyal in a long distance relationship now Covid-19 lockdowns are lifted?


Across the globe, if you were one of those people in a long-distance relationship, you might not have been able to travel to a different country or part of a country to see your loved one – and this could take it’s toll on your relationship especially if you’re a couple with tendencies to the need of touch and physical contact including sex😍😋👄

In the Netherlands, people were advised to get a sex partner and hook up with someone during these Corona times – let’s not be an increase in stats for cheating though as this was advice to singletons! In Russia, the lockdown guidelines weren’t even followed due to the fact the people there weren’t getting enough financial aid from their governments so were all out and about during the Corona times (Apr-June) so visiting their other half shouldn’t have been an issue though apparently the country is in third place in the list of countries with the most confirmed coronavirus cases (June update). Yikes! Australia also had internal border restrictions so you couldn’t even visit your significant other in another state 😱😞

Someone I knew stated that he was having family tiffs (arguments) with his sister as they shared a car but she lived in a different location nearby and didn’t want to bring the car🚙 to him due to the virus but he needed the car to visit his gf all the way in Scotland. They hadn’t seen each other for more than 3 months which can cause a rift and distance if not connecting through other technological ways. Though I have been on the train during these times and as they were pretty much empty, I was tolerant in the safety of the journey – and now in London with the strict rules of everyone having to wear masks (CLICK some amazing ones to order below from the 730 store!) and people travelling again more frequently – what better time to visit a romantic partner 💞 How has your romantic relationship been during Covid-19 lockdown❣


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