Corona Relationship Topics: How Clean or Dirty is your current Boyfriend/Girlfriend/S.O. really especially during Corona Times?

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Have you ever thought if someone you knew was excessively clean compared to how you were with hygiene? Well at an old workplace, someone who I still know now, said she would wash her hands after taking a piss at the office and then get a tissue or paper towel then open the doors with the handle covered in the toilet tissue she put on it to then go and sit at her desk. This for me was hygiene to another extreme level🏴‍☠️⁉⚠ for a workplace but that’s how she was.

Door Handle1

Now for me, washing your hands before eating something when you’ve been around shopping, out and about and touching god knows what else has been on things beforehand is normal to me. With Corona Times here and working from home becoming the norm – how is it going for you and your partner now that you’re indoors🏡 more often with each other?

The likes of not washing their hands before eating, or maybe their 3 or 5 second rule on the floor is rubbing you the wrong way? 😤🤬😡

With Corona Times, now is a great way to approach the subject of what is clean🛁 or dirty for you both together, let’s see this checklist on whether to bring these topics up or not with your S.O. this week ✅:

✅Are you washing your hands before eating together for eg. breakfast/dinner? 🍽🥢🥄 (And not like the videos that show you how to wash your hands for such a prolong time – just wash it thoroughly not to such an excessive way)

✅Are they showering at least 5 times a week? Or do they need some cleansing products like this VEGAN CHARCOAL CLEANSING BAR to detox your underarms especially from those awful spray cans that clog your pores and switch to natural products …SHOP Now at the Store 

✅How about your man? Is he brushing his teeth before bed all the time or was the afternoon brushing/ in-the-shower brushing just not okay for you? Morning breath isn’t great for anyone! And to aid the environment with those million pounds of waste annually, ending up in our oceans and landfills, these BAMBO TOOTHBRUSHES are amazing for the cleanliness of your teeth as well as being 100% biodegradable👍🤯 and can be composted😮🕳🕳🕳 SHOP Now at the Store 

Brush Banner

✅Are their hands clean under their nails or meshed with black dirt constantly under their nails – and is this okay with you? Maybe some VEGAN SOAP BARS and SOAP BAR HOLDER ARE HERE to cleanse those nails – a pack of two has a blend of natural ingredients to keep your skin soft, especially for those who wash your hands frequently. SHOP Now at the Store 

Soap Bars Banner1

✅How about before sex? Are you both okay with not washing the below personal parts and getting down and dirty? Or are you like that girl’s husband from the film Bridesmaid where she has to wash every single time before they do the deed (or sometimes not even at all…see the vid)??


Pic Cred: Daniel Tafjord

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