Keep your body or hands moisturized with these luxurious coconut and olive cleansers.

Soap Bars Banner1

SOAPS – What you get: Two hand-cut 2.75-3 oz body bars, it will be a mix of one or more of the scents below. Please note any preferences in the comments section for scents you would like though this cannot be guaranteed due to amount of stock available

Scents: Pure Aloe and Coconut Milk (Unscented), Turmeric Ginger, Forest Lily, Black Fig and Cypress, Rosé Champagne, Sage and Citrus

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, sodium rapeseedate, sodium olivate, sodium castorate. May contain: aloe vera extract, coconut milk, turmeric pulp, jasmine flowers, rose petals, heather flowers, ginger pulp, natural fragrance and essential oil blend, natural clays, mineral oxide (for color)

SOAP HOLDER – What you get: The renewable plant called giant bamboo or timber bamboo has been used for this soap holder

Vegan Soap


Bamboo Soap Holder


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