Date Ideas #10: Art Gallery– Victoria Miro [Couple Interview]


Couple in the interview spotlight

Paige (P), 20, Model and barmaid  & Jack (J), 22, TV and Film extra

(B) Both Paige and Jack

(Y) Editor – Yasmin


How did you both meet?

(P & J) At university

(P) We weren’t actually friends for a while. I saw him occasionally, but until our mutual group of friends started going pub regularly – he was also there so we just started talking and well I actually threw my shoe at him once. True love.

How long have you been together?

(B) 1 year and half

What did you like about the art gallery exhibition?

(P) I liked the infinity room, I found that really cool and beautiful.

(J) I like all the dots, the sculptures, and the outside section was really quite impressive!

Did you know the artist Kusama’s work with recurring dots are what she represents as her obsessive compulsions, giving up identity/abolishing uniqueness and her fear of sex? What did you think of the pieces?

(P) I knew she did infinity wall/mirrors art and that stuff of hers, I’ve always really loved. As I’ve seen other walls she’s done for New York etc. I knew of her past and the struggles she went through but I didn’t really put them together with the dots but now I realise after seeing it in person.

(J) I didn’t know that. I thought some paintings spoke more to me than others, but overall the style of the pieces is a unique and interesting one

How do you spend a weekend normally when together?

(P) We normally just cook food together and watch a new series and also debate a lot. We debate about political stuff that’s happened in the news and just our views on things. It’s interesting.

(J) Playing video games, cooking, chilling

Have you met each other’s family yet?

(P) We have both met each other’s families, pets included.

(J) yes we spend a lot of time with each other’s families

If yes, how was it for you?

If no, do you think you will soon and how do you feel about it?

(P) I found it slightly nerve racking as I’m not the typical “girl” type of what most women want their sons dating. I’m very hard edge and blunt. Also, he has these two cats and I was very, very afraid of cats especially older ones as I’m just scared that they’re going to hit me. He helped me overcome that fear thankfully, but the whole process for me was scary but his family is lovely and feel just like my second family. Me and his sister are literally twins.

(J) I was nervous and worried about making a good impression

How are you with PDAs, did you show any whilst on the date at the gallery?

(P) We’re not really a PDA couple, I mean we held hands and I obviously pushed him in front of things for pictures as any girlfriend would do.

(J) we never really do them as we find them quite over the top. Yeah we held hands

Would you recommend art galleries as a date idea, why?

(P) I feel like, if art is your thing then sure. Even if one side of the partnership is into art, it’s really nice to show your other half what interest you and why. If your partner is up for it, definitely.

(J) I’m not much of an art lover, but being shown around by Paige was definitely a fun day. The only thing I would say that was really quite bad and an inconvenience, was when we went into the infinity room, we were split up and couldn’t experience it together or take photos of each other, because they only allowed groups of three in.

(E) Paige and Jack are lovely together💑. I love Paige’s sense of humour and comes across as quite lively and bold. They enjoy each other’s company and can challenge one another when debating which is great as they can push each other to another level of thinking and perspective🤔.

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Pic Cred: Paige Stone, Ryan Stefan