Date Ideas #9: Trampolining – ZapSpace [Couple Interview]


Couple in the interview spotlight

Jon (J) 34, IT Analyst & Kavita (K) 28, Scientist at University of Oxford

(B) Both Jon and Kavita

(Y) Editor – Yasmin


How long have you been dating?

(B) A year and 2 months

How did you meet?

(J) Dating app!

(K) The modern way – on a dating app

Do you live together?

(J) We don’t live together (yet) as Kavita lives and works in Oxford and I reside in London.  We actually met in London but she moved to Oxford after about two months for work.  It’s difficult during the week but it’s actually quite nice as it’s a change of scenery between two awesome cities.

(K) We prioritise spending time with each other every weekend where we alternate between him coming to Oxford and me getting to London.

Hopefully next year when I change jobs and move to London, we could live together and not do this semi-long distance thing 😊

How do you decide what to do on nights out?

(J) We often get notifications of events happening on social like festivals, brewery events, food/drink related things, especially around London. Or sometimes it’s just a case of picking a good restaurant or pub(s) to spend the evening in. We always discuss what to do and agree on something we both like – we generally like doing similar activities.

(K) We would have usually seen or read some interesting event advertised online, or a new restaurant or cool trendy pub that is TimeOut recommended.

We would just then fit it into the location we intend to explore that weekend. This all depends on our famous British weather of course💦💨

When you have a disagreement, how do you resolve it?

(J) We will discuss any problem and talk it through.  Fortunately there’s not been any major disagreements yet.

(K) Jon is the calm one, he would encourage me to say what is bothering me about our disagreement and talk it out. Once we talk things out and hear both sides, we would not let it bother us anymore.

How would you describe the trampoline session you had at ZAPspace for a date night?

(J) We had a really good time at ZapSpace. I enjoy trampolining anyway and I know Kavita had fun bouncing.  It’s definitely a different sort of thing to do with a partner rather than the usual eating/drinking, and certainly gets the heart pumping as well!  Definitely recommended!

(K) It was fantastic! There were quite a few choices on the bounce floor. I like to do an activity while bouncing so I found a few of those to be my favourite.

Jon is excellent at trampolining, so it was a different view for me to see him doing all the different tricks while bouncing.

He even thought I needed some more bouncing sessions to be even vaguely good at it! Overall, I think we both had a good laugh, enjoyed the session and felt we worked some muscles.


What are the positives of your girlfriend/boyfriend?

(J) Where to begin?  She is easy-going, kind, funny and smart.

(K) He is a real sweetheart, always looking out for me, and always wants only the very best for me. 
Whenever something good happens, he is there to cheer and celebrate, and if something unpleasant happens, I know I can count on him to console me.

He is dependable and trustworthy so I know when he promises something, he will fulfil it. He also knows a lot about London and where the best places to eat are or what activities to do together hence time with him is always enjoyable and well-spent.
I’m lucky we both swiped right on that dating app!

This couple seem so intune with each other and are onto a really good start into their relationship from the way they speak about each other. I like how Jon helps Kavita open up about anything that might be bothering her and they talk things through. I’m glad you had a great time at the trampoline venue…book tickets below guys if you wanna get your date on at the same place! 💕

Pic Cred: Jared Sluyter