Date Ideas #8: Food Festival – Taste [Couple Interview]


Couple in the interview spotlight

Matthieu (M), 24, Feasibility Analyst for Hotel company & Sofia (S), 22, Design Intern

(B) Both Matthieu and Sofia

How long have you been dating?

(B) We have been dating for a year

How did you meet?

(M) – We wish we had crazy romantic stories about how we met but unfortunately (and luckily) we met on a dating app

(S) Matt had to chase me for a while before I’d agree to meet him and I’m so happy I did. Our first date was in Green Park in a hot and sunny day of June, the longest of the year!

How was the Taste event?

(B) It was sweet! Nice atmosphere and enjoyable venue!

What did you enjoy most about the Taste event?

(S) The great thing about the Taste event was that we were able to taste a great amount of different food for free.

(M) We also enjoyed interacting with the vendors and get to know more about their products!

What types of dishes/drinks did you try at Taste?

(B) Amongst all of our discoveries these latter remain our favourites:
-flavoured selection of Italian olive oil
-crazy variety of flavoured popcorn(Camembert, G&T, goat cheese and many more)
-cereal bars (the top one was mint and chocolate)
– healthy soup (or how we like to call it “lazy soup”, perfect to bring at work when we lack of motivation to prepare it the day before)
-gluten free Falafels with quinoa and beetroot

How do you make the choice of which restaurant to eat at when you are out and about?

(B) When we decide to eat out, the first thing we consider is the type of cuisine and taking into consideration reviews to help us assess the price/quality value of the restaurant. Then we look at the venue and last comes the location. We particularly enjoy artsy and cozy places, especially if there are plants and fairy lights.

How would you describe your partner’s eating habits?

(S) Matt eats literally anything, he likes to cook and sometimes I find his cuisine a little too reckless in terms combination of foods and spices. In general, he tries to stay on the healthy side but it only requires few biscuits or chocolate and very little effort to bring him to the dark side.

(M) Sofia has her food habits and enjoys pretty much anything despite a couple of exceptions. She has her food standards and likes it her way. However, it’s not impossible to convince her to try new discoveries. She is definitely a chocolate fan and dessert lover; an endless common ground we both have.

Do you cook meals together?

(S) Matt definitely loves cooking more than I do, so sometimes he likes to spoil me – cooking for me but we enjoy preparing our meals together.

Are you both the same type of food eaters?

We are both omnivores

Does it ever cause complaints?

(S) In the kitchen we only argue about spices.

(M) I love spices and I like to experiment, mixing them to find new flavours but Sofia prefers to keep things simple and delicate.

Do you guys drink similar beverages?

(B) We are fans of coffee, homemade smoothies and G&T

Who would you say is more of the cook/culinary genius?

(S) Matt, with no doubts. I often see him turning into an exited kid when he’s about to try a new recipe.

I really like this couple, they both have their boundaries on their own tastes, however remain connected through their enjoyment of sweet treats 😋

I love how they may conflict on certain food choices but they see how each other eats and are not closed off to trying new things together. They also both look gorgeous in the pics!

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