Date Idea: Cinema Review – A Quiet Place


Dates at the cinema are a wonderful idea for those that have been seeing each other for a while and not for the initial first few meet ups. These dates allow you to be all snug with each other in the movie theatre’s darkness and have whispers of conversation that can only be heard between the two of you; allowing a closeness that no one else can touch.

I felt warmth from this amazing guy I was with as we shared intimate moments from the past and brought them to the present in a playful way as we watched the trailers. There were so many moments where we showed through touch that we were enjoying each others’ company just like the film’s on and off screen couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski – where, in the location they were in, they had to be weary of making any noise. She placed an earpiece into his ear and they danced in such an endearing way, showing even if you’re in a bad place, you can make the best of a situation together.

I didn’t find the movie that scary as was spoken about amongst the people I knew; it was more of the tense music and chance of being eaten by one of those goblin-esque faced monsters 🧟‍👹♂️ that added to the intensity of the frights the movie conveyed.

The film highlighted to me that you mustn’t let unspoken words bottle up, especially those that a loved one should hear in the present. I made sure of it the very next day to this person, he was there for me at a time I needed him. I understood after we talked what he needed. I think communicating more in the present so that you can react faster  allows you to strengthen the bond between yourself and whoever you are with🏋️‍♂️.

How strange I knew from the moment I first saw this man, he would be very dear to me.

Pic Cred: Paramount Pictures

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