Date Ideas #4: The Royal Academy of Arts Gallery – A Date with Myself


A good friend of mine has been going through some low confidence issues. I would have mentioned to him to meet some new people but he has what seems like a great circle of people around him including friends and he never has a problem with conversing with strangers.

So this wasn’t a confidence issue in relation to the social aspect of his life but an internal self problem he needs to sort out. And one way I believe can help with this is going on dates with…you 🤗.

What do I mean by this?🙄

It’s about taking time out to do something you enjoy but by yourself. You do this to feel more comfortable about being with yourself which will lead to being comfortable around people you want to date. I believe there are many out there that have to constantly be with someone and where the dependency will ultimately become too much for either person in the relationship or down the line for both people when situations arise like if one has to travel and be apart for a while.

So my next date idea was a visit to a gallery with myself. 😋



I went to the Royal Academy of Arts near London’s Piccadilly Circus, to see a Matisse exhibition. This is an artist I really loved growing up and influenced the artwork I created during my studies. I walked around looking at the paintings and really soaked up the detail. At the exhibition, there were also his cut-outs displayed and where his work became more about simplifying the shapes in his creations. Maybe a lesson of simplifying we could take to finding ways in which to make life less complicated.

I think if you are at a place where you have a peacefulness of just being on your own and being okay with it, as well as being content with yourself as you are, then in my opinion you are in a better place to go into the dating world. 💕

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you need to take some time out to work on yourself before going on any dates:

Are you going through self-esteem or confidence issues like putting yourself down or not seeing yourself in a positive light the majority of the time?

Are you uncomfortable and/or unhappy with yourself?

Would you want to date yourself if you looked from the perspective of someone else who you would want to date?

Are you too hard on yourself about your achievements, your looks and overall self not being good enough?

Do you feel you are very insecure and unhappy in your own skin when you are around other people?

If you’re answering yes to these questions, take some time out and do something you like doing on your own and get to know you more before dating to find out about someone else.


Pic Cred: Alexander Shustov