We’re here once again – another date idea🤗; and this time I headed to The Victoria & Albert museum London, specifically to see the Balenciaga exhibition that will be on until 18th February with a said male person😍.

Let’s first refer to the relationship between the 👑Queen and King named after the museum. Victoria reined the UK and Ireland in the years of 1876 – 1901. The then Queen was a smart women – she was advised to get married but she never gave in to rushing into wedlock. However, when she did find her Mister. Right, she was the one that proposed to him. His name was Albert and it seemed she loved him dearly from a source that I read from: ‘His beauty, his sweetness & gentleness – really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband!’

His rich love for her seemed to be reciprocated even years and years down the line together when Victoria’s mother died and she was stricken with such grief that he took on her royal duties even though he was seriously ill with stomach problems.

So how apt this museum was for a date with the background of this historic couple! Walking around a museum, you really get a view on the other person’s perspectives on deeper topics and you may be surprised as to how connected or disconnected you both are on opinions.


As we were looking at the older fashion pieces of Balenciaga, the guy I was with mentioned back in the day that the outfits the designer made would have been amazing because of the innovation this man had created in terms of textile experimentation with volume and the way the designs worked in relation to the space around the body.



When you get that sense of similar likes and beliefs between you both, then this leads to a pathway for both of you to explore each other even more. This could be with a new person you like or even your partner you have been with for a while and to this day, you can find out new things about him or her…another date then?

Oscar de la Renta worked briefly as a sketch artist at Balenciaga – love the floral motifs on this dress – so divine!
Other designers indirectly linked with Balenciaga like Mary Quant were also on show – such sleek cuts!

I loved the art direction of how the pieces were displayed and the larger spaces to weave through on the top deck of the exhibition compared with a more intimate feel downstairs with the fashion displays. This is most certainly one not to miss!

V&A logo

Pic Cred: Sweet Ice Cream Photography