Should you go on a date with someone other than your partner?


Oxford dictionary states that a date is ‘a social or romantic appointment or engagement’. And the question I posed on some of my viewers was a question of whether it was okay to take time out and have a ‘date’ with someone close to you other than your current S.O. (significant other).

This came about because recently I had broken up with my then-boyfriend – and though it was nowhere near as much heartache as my first love that lasted several years, I was not ready to stroll back into the dating world so I decided to ask a girl friend out on a date instead.

I had wanted to go to an exhibition at Tate Modern (💖this place) for ages and found out luckily that it was the last day for the showing of the artist’s work. Robert Rauschenberg was his name and he did abstract expressionism. Some of his pieces with finding random crap and sticking them together were definitely abstract and not to my taste as such😒, though I got the meaning behind them. I loved his silk screen prints and reminded me of when I used to do these at uni. Sadly, he died in 2008 though his work is amazing and mixes pop and political topics into his works.

I remember someone mentioning ‘was I daft’ about the question as I think he thought that I meant as in go behind your partner’s back and cheat on them (which by the way, I would count seeing another guy to pursue another romantic/sexual relationship as cheating) though this wasn’t the case and was my quirky take on date making.

This date with my friend was great as it:

> created a greater understanding of this person I was with – what was happening with them (the good and the bad stuff)

> had a great laugh along the way and could discuss similar likes/dislikes

> made sure the other person was okay – like really okay and not passively skimming over doubts or concerns they were having

When I had mentioned that I had been down in dumps to an extreme level recently – she said that it was okay to give her a call anytime and she would lift me right back up🤗

This girl has got some things going for her and I can sense good happenings to this one

It was this banter that I needed and feel it’s a plus to go on these dates with a friend, a parent, aunt or old work colleague to really see if each other are okay and if either need help with anything.

All for more dates!👍