Date Ideas #2 – ESCAPE ROOMS


With the whole escape rooms, a concept that started in Asia, I was sceptical of going as I thought it would be mathematical puzzles over more number puzzles and I didn’t want to spend an hour of my time doing that.

Buuuutttt…when a member of the Hint Hunt team did an intro and he said something along the lines of ‘don’t be hiding clues from each other – this isn’t the Hunger Games’ 😂 – which is a great comment as going into the room, you really do need that team work and open communication to what clues you’ve found, what you’ve looked through already and letting each other know if there’s a necessity to moving quicker as the time ticks by.

JM's Office 2

I asked one member of the HH team what was a funny thing they had witnessed whilst holding one of their games (as they said they watch you from the outside to help guide you along with clues if need be!). One said that some people start arguing as some find it intense💥 – this is understandable as when you’re going round this room looking for something that you don’t have an idea on where to start, you get a grasp on why you might feel that way even though it is only a game 🤣

He also mentioned that it was a test of someone’s relationship – whether you could work together through the pressure of being timed and seeing how each other reacts in a busy situation.

I wouldn’t go as far as it making or breaking but it does show you do need to work together and make sure to look through things thoroughly when someone suggests an object as the answer to a clue but the other person ponders then says no it’s not there and then you’ve wasted time when finding it is there in the end! 💤😭

Also it’s so much fun finding all these surprises along the way including a moment when I chose to wear one of the items and walked around finding other clues then realising there was actually a clue in there!! #jokes


All in all, I loved the escape room and the Hint Hunt team made us feel welcome from the get-go. Check out all their rooms here – there’s even Japanese decor ones too! 👏