Date ideas #1 – The World of Charles and Ray Eames Exhibition


It’s Valentine’s Day and hope all you lovely singles and non-singletons are having a great day ❤️💛💙

One date idea that’s worth a visit is an exhibition of The World of Charles and Ray Eames. I was taken there on a date a while back and thought it was a quirky place to head to.

My date took charge and asked around to find the space where the exhibition was being held and when we finally got there, I remember being met by a giant plank of wood. I don’t recall what this was for but it was majestic in sight. The Eames couple designed chairs more than anything else as seen from all that was on display and really loved all the print cover designs.

The one thing I loved that the husband and wife designed was this playhouse that could be morphed into different shapes using separate parts. I used to make playhouses out of a washing line and towels so if I had one of these, I’m sure some sort of castle-like playhouse would have been created 😁

There was an interval in our date as after this he went to meet his uncle and some other family members then asked if he could return in an hour or so to meet me again for drinks. We did go for drinks that night though unfortunately this guy never fulfilled what I was looking for and not just because of his skinny twig arms (which I realised for sure wasn’t what I fancied!) – a story for a later date…